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Pärnu Museum

Rüütli tn 53
EE-80010 Pärnu / Pernau (Pärnu)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Fax.: 443 3232

Info Telefon: 443 3231

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Tue–Sat 10–18 h

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
Pärnu Museum has grown from the Pärnu Society for Antiquities, founded in 1895. The aim of the Society was the study and preservation of local history.

At the first general meeting of the Society for Antiquities, on November 3, 1896, a decision was made to also open the collection, created by way of bestowals and purchases, to the wider public. In 1909, the museum moved to the building in Elevandi Street 7, which burnt down in September 1944 during World War II.

Pärnu Museum introduces the history of Pärnu county and town. One of the oldest and most substantial collections of the museum is that of archaeology.
The Pulli settlement, found in Pärnumaa near Sindi, is currently the oldest discovered in Estonia, dating approximately from the year 8800 BC.
One of the rarest exhibits is the small, carved human statue made of horn found at the mouth of the Reiu River.

The display stands, presenting Old and New Pärnu, are dedicated to the medieval town. Items reflecting the everyday life of town citizens have been exhibited.

The role of New-Pärnu as the trade town within the Hanseatic League is also mirrored by a unique cog-find - a board fragment of a ship from the 14th century. This is the one and only presumable cog ship found on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to exhibit this in the existing museum building.

A tin pilgrim badge from the 14th/15th centuries, found in Pärnu, is also one of the rarities. The badge was sold to pilgrims reaching the Pärnu black cross, thus proving the completion of the route.

In 1558, the long Russian-Livonian war commenced. Examples of the then cold steel and fire weapons have been exhibited.
With the Peace of Altmark (1629), mainland Estonia came under Swedish jurisdiction. Pärnu became a garrison and university town.

The furniture corner depicts the lifestyle of a wealthy German merchant in 17th century Pärnu. The coins originating from the so-called Tahkuranna treasure trove are displayed as evidence of the war period.

After 1710, Estonia was under the control of tsarist Russia. As examples of the new state authority, court hawk emblems and the professional attire of a Pärnu town hall council official, and other craftsman guilds, operating in Pärnu, are introduced by several relevant items such as guild cups with master labels, documents and impressions of seals.
A separate display stand shows china, faience, and glass of the 18th-19th centuries.
The development of cultural and educational life during the 18th-19th centuries is presented by the 1st print of the Estonian language Bible (1739), newspapers and other printed matters published in Pärnu and an overview of local major societies and leading figures of the renaissance period.

The section dedicated to peasant culture exhibits folk costumes, decorative accessories, and the tools of men and women.
One the most remarkable items being the double beer mug from Pööravere, dating from 1785.
Kihnu guns for shooting seals are also of interest.

The flourishing of overseas commerce starting at the end of the 18th century guaranteed Pärnu with a position among the Baltic Sea trade towns.
And in coastal areas of the Pärnu area, especially on the island of Kihnu, shipbuilding and marine trade prospered.
Photos and numerous objects connected with maritime affairs are exhibited.
The 19th century also brought along industrial development, facilitating the establishment of numerous enterprises.
This situation is revealed in the end-of-the-19th century furniture corner.

Prior to World War I, Pärnu became a popular resort. Elaboration in this direction continued during the 1920s-1930s, when several functional style buildings were erected in Pärnu.

On February 23, the manifest, declaring Estonia to be an independent democratic republic, was announced from the balcony of the Pärnu "Endla" Theatre.
A monument in the memory of the deceased in the battles of the Estonian War of Independence (1918-1920), commissioned from Amandus Adamson, was opened in 1922.
The bronze statue of the so-called sitting boy is exhibited in the museum having been saved from the destruction carried out by the Russians in 1945, by being buried in the ground.

The constantly renewable display stand of the citizen of the Republic of Estonia belongs within the permanent exhibition.
This exposition presents important people, for Pärnu town or county, who have left a significant heritage by way of their work and activities.

The exhibition hall of the museum is the venue for periodically exchangeable expositions on history and, also more frequently, art exhibitions. In addition, seminar days are being organised.

Picture: The premises 1971, photo: R. Niine, 2002.

Pärnu New Art Museum

Esplanaadi 10
EE-80010 Pärnu / Pernau (Pärnu)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Fax.: 44 30 774

Info Telefon: 44 30 772

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Every day 9–21 h

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"Anthropology is the keyword of the collection and activities of Pärnu New Art Museum. Its huge collection of films and videos illustrates the culture of different peoples and the fine art collection includes a number of marginal pieces of art created in prisons, at mental asylums and at the homes of the disabled people. The museum is famous for the traditional international annual exhibition of nudes „Man and Woman“; it is also well-known for conferences, film festivals and the shortest summer night musical contests. ” (Estonian Museums)

Memorial Museum of Lydia Koidula

Jannseni 37
EE-80032 Pärnu / Pernau-Ülejöe / Uellejoe (Pärnu)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Fax.: 44 33 232

Info Telefon: 44 33 313

Träger/Financial provider:
Pärnu Museum

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Wed–Sun 10–17 h.

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"Koidula museum is located at Pärnu Ülejöe schoolhouse. The building was constructed in 1850 and has a unique interior solution. It was the home of Johann Voldemar Jannsen and the editorial office of the Perno Postimees newspaper until 1863, now it is under protection as a historical monument. Jannsen’s elder daughter, poetess Lydia Koidula grew up in the house. It is the main task of the museum to keep alive the memory of L. Koidula and J. V. Jannsen and introduce their life and work in the context of the period of national awakening in Estonia through the permanent exposition of the museum. ” (Estonian Museums)

Häädemeeste Museum

Pärnu mnt 25 A
EE-86001 Häädemeeste / Gudmannsbach (Pärnu)

Google Maps

Info Telefon: 44 64 315

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"Häädemeeste Museum is a municipal museum that collects, studies, keeps and introduces information on the historical, cultural and natural landmarks of the rural municipality and the related objects. It contributes to the preservation of the cultural history of the region. The author of the exlibris is a local artist Johannes Juhansoo. ” (Estonian Museums)

The Museum was established in 1991. There is an exhibition of local household articles and tools. There is a room of the old sailors, with a list of the ships built there,photoes and many more. In the display room the paintings of local painters are exhibited.

House Musem of Captain Shipowner Jakob Markson

EE-86002 Häädemeeste / Gudmannsbach (Pärnu)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Tel.: 53 426 481

Info Telefon: 44 98 442

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
1.5.–31.10. Every day 10-18,
1.11.–31.4. Advance notice required

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
The exhibition "introduces a typical 19th century captain’s home with a storehouse, sauna, granary, barn, dwelling house and cart sheds. The storehouse is equipped with tools used for making sailing ships; the granary is full of old farming equipment. The dwelling house, having a veranda with fretwork windows, demonstrates the typical construction style of those days and a home organ dating back to 1891.
One can enjoy the shimmer of sea waves in sunset and hear the endless song of the swans at the museum. ” (Estonian Museums)

Paikuse Region - Seljametsa Museum

EE-86601 Seljametsa (Pärnu)

Google Maps

Info Telefon: 56 475 221

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Wed 8-13.30; Thu 13.30-18; Fri 8-15 h

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"The museum was established by the wish and with the help of inhabitants of the villages of Paikuse, Vaskrääma, Seljametsa, Tammuru, Pölendmaa and Silla. Local people have gathered here the objects worth exhibition. The museum also collects memories and notes of the people living in the area. One can admire the handicraft made by the ancestors, try the activities not practised in everyday life any longer and learn to make beautiful and useful things with own hands. Museum hours. ” (Estonian Museums)

Sindi Museum

Pärnu mnt 26 A
EE-86703 Sindi / Zintenhof (Pärnu)

Google Maps

Info Telefon: 447 4014

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Mon, Wed, Fri 11-15 h.DbaseVCMS München2007

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"The museum gives an overview of the history of the Sindi textile mill and the development of the town. In a small room with a kitchen corner previous century tools and handicraft made by women can be seen. One can also get a glimpse of the life of Andrew Winter, a painter from Sindi and the educational, sports and social life of the town. ” (Estonian Museums)

Tori Museum

Völli 4, Tori alevik
EE-86801 Tori / Torgel (Pärnu)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Fax.: 53 306 430

Info Telefon: 44 66 003

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
ATTENTION: OPEN ONLY 1.7.-31.8. weekdays 8.30-16.30 h

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
The "Museum collects materials related to the yesterday and today of Tori and allows the tourists and other visitors to familiarize with local cultural heritage. The exhibits are located in a unique granary with round log walls and shingle roof that was constructed in 1814. ” (Estonian Museums)

The museum is situated in a unique barn house. You can see an old church with a graveyard near by, where a memorial to Estonian Liberty War stands. Also you can walk over the bridge and enjoy a beautiful view to the Pärnu River. Near the bridge there is an ancient place called Tori Põrgu (The Hell of Tori). In Tori there is a famous stud farm, which was established in 1856.

Estonian Museum Railway

EE-87001 Lavassaare / Lawassaar (Pärnu)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Fax.: 52 72 584

Info Telefon: 44 11 287

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
1.06.–31.08. Mon–Sat 11–18, Sun 11–17, 1.–31.09. Sat 11–18, Sun 11–17,
May, Oct advance notice required

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"Operations of the museum are focused on the preservation and introduction of the narrow-gauge railway for transporting supplies that functioned in 1896–1975 and the history of military and industrial railways.
Every Saturday functioning exhibits are demonstrated on a special siding. ” (Estonian Museums)

Pärnu Jaagupi School Museum

Kalli mnt 1
EE-87201 Pärnu / Pernau-Jaagupi (Pärnu)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Fax.: 44 97 158

Info Telefon: 44 97 068

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Mon-Fri 10-16 h.

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